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Pinot's Palette

By Pablo Angulo-Gonzalez

[Header photo by Water Taxi Photographer, Pablo Angulo-Gonzalez]

One of the longtime businesses along the canal in the Historic Bricktown District of Oklahoma City is Pinot’s Palette. It’s a place to sit down and paint, while you sip on your favorite drink. One of the best aspects is that no prior artistic background is necessary to enjoy the experience.

The establishment is nested inside the quaint and historic Miller Jackson Company Building on the north side of the canal. This section of the canal was originally the alignment of California Avenue, once a major thoroughfare in downtown Oklahoma City.

Since emerging as an entertainment district during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Bricktown has seen dramatic revitalization over the past couple of decades, and today is a notable destination for locals and visitors alike.

Making memories at Pinot’s – photo by Pablo Angulo-Gonzalez

If you are planning a romantic evening with dinner included, the studio is walking distance to a variety of dining options. Multiple restaurants are walking distance like Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse and the Melting Pot – a fondue restaurant – which are less than five minutes away.

Instruction by experienced professional artists

Ashley Key has been the owner of Pinot’s Palette ever since it first opened its Bricktown doors nearly ten years ago. She is herself also an artist, and used to teach at the studio. Now, Ashley mostly focuses on managing the business aspects, while employing other artists to work with her customers.

Pinot’s Palette is all about having a fun and playful experience regardless of your artistic background, Ashley says.

“Most of our customers coming in are not artists,” she continued. “I hire professional local artists and we break the activity down to very simple, step by step instructions. We’ll go as far as to say, ‘pick up your big brush, or your little brush, dip it into this color, do this color mix.’”

How Pinot’s Palette works

At Pinot’s Palette, customers get to sit down for a couple of hours inside the historic Miller-Jackson Building – built in 1904, it’s the oldest warehouse building on the canal – and relax with a brush in their hand. People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to participate.

Smiles abound every evening at Pinot’s Palette in Bricktown – photo by Pablo Angulo-Gonzalez

Each painting workshop is led by an experienced artist, assisted by a bartender, who together will walk you through the process. Some of the paintings are even created by the artists themselves as they join in the painting fun.

Even the bartenders at Pinot’s Palette have artistic backgrounds and they are available to answer any questions
regarding color, paint brushes, music, wine options and much more.

A session at Pinot’s Palette basically consists of putting on a cool-looking artist apron and releasing your own inner artist.

Bartender Chad has worked for Pinot’s Palette as both bartender and artist for more than three years. He said he enjoys interacting with people talking art in the studio while serving drinks.

“Not knowing how to paint is an awesome way to experience Pinot’s Palette because we introduce real easy, simple, fundamental techniques that you can learn and just explore. It’s a super fun way to get introduced to slopping paint around,” Chad said.

Letting the creativity (and the wine) flow

Drinks and snacks are available for purchase. The drink selection includes various alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

Wine is the star of the show, and you can mellow out with Chardonnay, Riesling, Rose, Merlot or Sangria among others. Pinot’s Palette also offers local wine from it’s next-door-neighbor Put a Cork in It Winery.

Friends’ night out or date night is always fun at Pinot’s Palette – photo by Pablo Angulo-Gonzalez

Outside of wine, the bar offers beer, hard seltzer, cider, water, soda, juice, etcetera. The bartender will take orders and deliver them to the customers so they can focus on having fun in front of the canvas. The bar carries nuts, candy and other treats, but the establishment also welcomes guests to bring their own snacks.

Pinot’s Palette is a place where you can have fun, meet people, make great memories in the Downtown area and take your own painting home.

A unique atmosphere for private events

This unique and playful experience inside a comfortable space is also a great way for GROUPS to try something new and different.

“It is a perfect evening activity for girls night out, date nights, parties and other celebrations like birthdays, wedding proposals, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, gender reveals, and more,” Ashley said.

Pinot’s Palette offers a place where people can engage and have an interactive experience. You can reach out and ask about making a reservation for private parties and team-building events by clicking here.

Paintings Change With the Seasons

Paintings change depending on the season so there is always something new to create all year round.

“Each month, depending on the season, our paintings change. So if you have done this before, you can basically build a collection of paintings pertaining to different seasons of the year,” Ashley continued.

 Click here for details.

A recent Pinot’s Palette painting subject – photo by Pablo Angulo-Gonzalez

Weekends usually have more than one class per day and most weekdays also have availability. The studio also offers a fun kid’s class and their website contains more information about other offers.

Virtual classes

Pinot’s Palette also offers a virtual class which includes all the paint and brushes you need. You can pick up the supplies curbside and watch the video tutorial from the comfort of your home. For more info about virtual classes click here.

Who should visit? YOU should visit!

In summary, Pinot’s Palette is great option for visitors traveling through OKC, and for locals looking for a night out in the Historic Bricktown Entertainment District. An artsy evening followed by dinner and a stroll through along the Bricktown Canal? Sign us up!

Ready to make a give it a try? Check out Pinot’s Palette’s website and make a reservation!

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