About our amazing crew

Since 1999 Bricktown Water Taxi has employed hundreds of Oklahomans, hiring and training them with one common purpose in mind: telling the unique stories of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, while providing the best possible customer service for our guests, be they local, regional, national or international visitors to our city.

Though Water Taxi is a privately-owned company, the Bricktown Canal on which we operate is actually part of the City of Oklahoma City’s Department of Parks and Recreation, constructed as a part of the first generation of MAPS projects and dedicated in 1999.

We work in close partnership with the City of Oklahoma City to maximize the cultural and economic impact of the City’s investment, to help visitors learn about our great and vibrant community, and – hopefully – to entertain ALL of our guests.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area and would like to join our great crew on this educational and FUN mission, please visit our Join our Crew page.